Where’s My Other Half – book cover

Cook book cover created for members of my mastermind group. Pam released the job to me during our regular mastermind meeting at noon on a Wednesday. While discussing our progress and suggestions for the next week. I found the egg on a stock photo site. Layout was designed that afternoon. I keyed the colors from the egg photo.

I sent the first draft to both of them that afternoon. There were small chafes to the words and type style. They also wanted to make an addition to the image. They had no idea how to incorporate the a chemical image of the egg white. I immediately knew how to add it. Jeff pointed me to a graphic of the chemistry of the egg white. If you look closely at the white area of the cover you will see a pantograph of that graphic.

Pam said, “I wouldn’t have used those color. I really like them.” She used the cover on Amazon and other websites to promote and sell the book. She even had to make a black and white version. When converting it in an image editor, she thought that she would have to adjust the contrast. She was amazed that it looked wonderful in black and white, too.

Below you will see Pam’s attempt to create their own cover.

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Egg Cookbook cover 2
Final Cover Art
Egg Cookbook cover original
Pam's Original Book Cover
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