Window Shopping Mailer

Direct Mail Flyer was created for Country Trade Connections and importer of Russian Lacquerware. Louise, the owner, had traveled to the Novgorod region of Russia where the particular style of lacquerware was produced. The forest provides  a living for the inhabitants and they make their home from logs as well. Cabins are dressed up with gingerbread windows. Photo of these windows, taken by Louise, we used for the theme and title of this flyer.

Where photos did not already exist, I photographed them. The post-it note on the back was created digitally. Forest image on the back was Photoshopped to extend the width. I also built and photographed the lamps.

On final approval, Louise sent me to the printing company to do a press check.

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Window Shopping cover
Front Cover
Window Shopping back cover
Back Cover
Window Shopping exterior spread
Window Shopping interior spread
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